Gospel - a fest of Emotionen

When Popkantor Maik Gosdzinski and Therese Galetzka, soloist and co-conductor, have their choir "Gospel Changes" on the stage, goose bumps are pre-programmed.
Not only the voices and the chorlang convince the audience, but also the energy and the charisma. The emotions reach the audience and put it on: clapping, dancing, crying, laughing, be thoughtful or just be taken.
How does it work? Can you do that "just like that"? The two internationally renowned workshop lecturers have a look behind the scenes and reveal chorus secrets. Singing is a matter of course. On the basis of some selected Gospelsongs the participants will do
Gospel singing, and experience new vocals.

Maik Gosdzinski
The special thing about Maik Gosdzinski's chorus is that he does not stand as a usual conductor with his back to the audience, but conducts and accompanies rehearsals and concerts from the piano. There is no need for great movements - with his radiance, the dynamism of accompaniment and small gestures, he is able to direct the choir without much attention.
Gosdzinski studied piano, organ, singing, and possibly theology. Gospel music has been the center of his musical work for 20 years. Helmut Jost, Ruthild Wilson, Hanjo Gäbler, 
Chris Lass, Joakim Arenius, Mette Risager, Lindsay Lewis, Calvin Bridges, and many others expanded not only Gosdzinski's capabilities and horizons, but also his international network. Gosdzinski, with its different formations, gives about 60 to 70 concerts a year and worldwide gospel workshops in different settings.

Therese Galetzka
With her incomparable nature, the native "Dresdnerin" is motivated and allways by the side of the choir for advice and action. Against the backdrop of the Complete Vocal Technique (CVT), she is especially helping the "beginners" on their way to the first solo.

The LICF not only offers choral rehearsals, but also the opportunity to enjoy individual or small group coaching with the teachers.

Leipzig International Choir Festival
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