Dear friends of Choral Music, 
For young people it is a great experience when they get the opportunity to spend some time in a foreign country. The Leipzig International Choir Festival (LICF) offers young singers a great possibility to take part in large-scale stage performances and workshops to learn from experienced singers and to spend a few days having a good time with musicians from all over the world. Their passion for singing unites these young people and Leipzig, as a city with a long musical heritage in choral and classical music, is most definitely a city that can and will provide the perfect background for this event. The aim of Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH (LTM) is to establish a strong image for Leipzig and its region as a destination for culture and music loving people. That is why we happily support LICF during this event. We hope there will be many memorable moments for the participants as they sing their songs in such a great atmosphere and celebrate their first successes. The diversity of cultures can thus be discovered by the young generation through music. May the young singers have an unforgettable festival, many opportunities to get to know other ways of life and to make new friends from all over the world. 

Kind regards 

Leipzig Tourism Marketing GmbH 

Leipzig International Choir Festival
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