Artistic Director of the Leipzig International Choir Festival
Conductor of the Leipzig University Choir

Dear friends of choral music,  
I am very proud that the "Leipzig International Choir Festival" takes place in Germany for the first time in 2017. Germany has a long tradition of music, and Leipzig has always been considered as one of the most famous capitals for classical and choir music in the world. Our city is home to the Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig, the St. Thomas Choir and famous composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Richard Wagner and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. As the conductor of the Leipzig University Choir, it is a great pleasure to promote the exchange of knowledge and skills between the different ways of interpretations of classical and choir music. I highly appreciate the “spirit” of music and, moreover, all projects that are actively devoted to cultural education as well as the promotion of very young and very gifted musicians.  The “Leipzig International Choir Festival” is a challenging competition for young artists to present their expertise and get a first glimpse of musical entertainment and new impressions ins ide and outside the world of music.  I hope we will witness a challenging festival and would like to welcome all participants and guests to the “Leipzig International Choir Festival” 2017 in Leipzig.  

David Timm 

Leipzig International Choir Festival
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