Astryd Cottet (Leipzig/Paris)

Mezzosoprano – Vocal Pedagogue – Choir Director

Astryd began her musical career as a soloist in the children’s choir of the Paris Opera and the Ile de France Youth Choir. During her university studies, she earned a Master I in Musicology at the University of Saint Denis (Paris 8) as well as a Master II, “Art du récital,” at the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris 3). She subsequently completed a vocal degree program at the University of Music in Leipzig, Germany, earning diplomas in Voice and Music Pedagogy as well as a Master’s degree in Vocal Pedagogy.

Alongside her solo career, since 2013, Astryd has been a voice instructor for the Opera Leipzig Children’s Choir and the MDR Radio Children’s Choir.  Since 2015, under the auspices of the municipal “Johann Sebastian Bach Music School,” she has taught for the “Singt Euch Ein!” initiative, teaching voice to third-graders in various public schools. Since 2014, she has conducted an annual masterclass in song interpretation in France for German and French 


Astryd leads group voice classes in Paris and Leipzig, trains French opera singers and teaches members of the MDR Radio Chorus. In Leipzig, she is the director of the “Leipzig Volkshochschule” choir and the “Le Petit Paris” chorus.

Leipzig International Choir Festival
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